"It's not the tragedies that define our lives, but the choices we make to face them"

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Competitive advantages



Delta Med medical devices are designed to reduce human error and ensure optimal performances for the safety of patient and healthcare professional.



All products are manufactured by a team of competent and highly specialized technicians, respecting high quality standards and international guidelines.



Innovative solutions for the health and safety of doctors and patients: Delta Med devices combine comfort, practicality and efficiency thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

Who we are

The company was founded in 1993 with the aim of creating safe and quality medical devices, thanks to the experience and skills gained in over twenty years in the industry.

A team of qualified professionals and technicians, continually updated to offer innovative and effective solutions, allows us to offer a wide product catalog for multinationals, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Delta Med medical devices are all compliant with European guidelines and produced according to high quality standards, to reduce human error and ensure practicality and comfort to doctors and patients.

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Why choose us

  • Expertise

    Updating, innovation and attention to detail: the high level of training and specialization of our team is one of the main strengths of Delta Med

  • Customization

    The Delta Med OEM service, according to the specific needs of the customer, ensures a quality third party production of all medical devices

  • Timeliness

    We guarantee the best solutions for our customers in the shortest possible time. All our products are efficiently conveyed thanks to a structured sales network